Having perfected the art of cleaning crystal chandeliers, and formulating it’s own cleaning liquid, Chandelier SA has launched their own independent cleaning business operational in the Gauteng area.

Your chandelier is a signature piece in your room setting and should be showcased to its best effect.

Why clean your chandeliers professionally?
Even crystal needs more than the occasional dusting! We recommend a professional clean at least once a year, depending on your surrounds. We use our own chemical mixture which is has been proven to not only be most effective at getting that shine back into your chandeliers, but to also assist in repelling dust. Crystals, clips or pins which keep them together and electrical fittings are all delicate items which need a soft yet knowledgeable hand to work with them. All elements of the chandelier are checked during the clean.

Where is the cleaning done and by whom?
All cleaning is done on site with trained staff and our Operations Manager in attendance. Quotes are given for cleaning “while hanging”.

What is involved in cleaning a chandelier?
All moveable parts are stripped from the chandelier and cleaned separately. The chandelier is then cleaned with each part and crystal receiving individual attention and cleaning by hand before it’s all put back together. Apart from the chemical mixture we also use specific cloths, gloves and tools.

What’s excluded in the clean?
Listels are not removed for cleaning – generally this would only happen during a restoration. Cleans are done on a “hanging” basis with no crystals being removed.

My chandelier is high?
We use extendable ladders as well as a scaffolding ladder which reaches most chandeliers. Above certain heights and in certain spaces we arrange for a scaffolding company to install scaffolding which is certified according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Depending on your ceiling/roof we could also assist you in obtaining and installing a winch system which would lower your chandelier to the required height to be worked on.

Why is it essential to view the chandelier in order to quote?
Factors that play a part in drawing up the quote include the size and height of the chandelier, number of crystals, etc. Also important is the visual assessment regarding any possible repairs required as well as checking to see if any crystals are missing. We would also be able to ascertain if a clean is or rather a restoration is required.

What to watch out for?
Many companies use a spray on liquid with a drip dry method. We do not favour this method as the crystals are not cleaned properly. Residue is also left on the crystal which attracts dust. This type of cleaning does not allow the company to inspect clips for potential wear and tear or unhooking of crystals.

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